Race Resilience is offering a specialist, embodied program to bring deep change to how individuals respond to racism.

Race Resilience refers to the ways in which we can become more resilient when looking at the issues of racism.  We will consider ways to nurture and support ourselves as we explore the racism that impacts us both internally (as internalised oppression) and externally (as external dominance).  

We acknowledge that all communities are deeply impacted by the dynamics of racism.  We are all socialised and conditioned through our life experiences; our histories and the societies that we live in.  

Racialised communities (to include terms such as People of Colour (PoC); Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) etc.) have had to display immense resilience as a result of the wounds received as a result of racism.

White communities are also deeply impacted by the unconsciousness that allows these dynamics to flourish.  Our histories and our conditioning impacts us all.

It can be deeply complex to discuss and reflect on issues of race, particularly in mixed spaces.  Yet, if we do not find the courage and resources to come together and challenge ourselves, we will not find the path to our collective liberation. 

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Race Resilience 5 Week Course
Every Wednesday for 5 weeks

21st October; 28th October; 4th November, 18th November, 25th November

Times: 5-7:30pm BST

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We bring together a number of modalities in a dynamic way

Working with psychological, emotional, somatic and energetic wisdom.  

We have reached a pivotal moment in history, which requires us all to stand up, refusing to be complicit in the dynamics of racism.  We need deep change and we need it now.  We invite you to join us as we journey together to find new pathways.  

Our aim is that our workshop and facilitation programs offer you the space to develop the knowledge, skills and experiential practice to support your ‘Race Resilience’.  We define this concept as our ability to engage around issues of race in manner that is grounded and compassionate in order to develop our awareness and resources to navigate these issues with more ease and skill.

We welcome and encourage you to embark on this courageous and transformational journey of learning with us.

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About Us

Race Resilience is a professional collaboration between Raggi Kotak and Anita Bhardwaj that combines their forty years experience of social justice activism, exploring ground-breaking solutions to understand and move forward on the issue of racial justice.

Anita Bhardwaj

Raggi Kotak


I wish this were a face to face training. I liked the way Ms Bhardwaj explained the vulnerability factors,dealing with each factor in detail and also the case study and the impact of trauma parts. Her experience really reflected in explaining the slides.

Professional Resilience Training Participant

I found Anita to be a great trainer, I don't have the best attention span in training but she kept me and everyone else engaged throughout.

Professional Resilience Training Participant

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge it was truly enlightening. Delivery was excellent, adjusted to groups needs.

Professional Resilience Training Participant