A Ground-Breaking course to find pathways to Racial Justice

Race Resilience is our flagship training program that takes participants on a creative and relational path supporting racial justice. It consists of a mixed media learning package and is delivered over a seven-week period.  

Race Resilience considers ways to nurture and support ourselves, as we explore the racism that impacts us both internally (internalised oppression) and externally (as external dominance).

We will journey together to create generative opportunities to support deep personal change and sustained action.  

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A pivotal moment in history

We are at a pivotal moment in history where there is a deep commitment throughout the world to find pathways to racial justice.  This requires individual, collective and systemic change.

We have all been socialised and conditioned in the dynamic of racism. This conditioning impacts different racial groups in different ways and requires different levels of care and support.  

Our programmes offer the space to explore our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Join us to move towards our collective liberation in the brave and supported spaces we create.

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More than forty years experience of social justice activism

Race Resilience is a professional collaboration between Raggi Kotak and Anita Bhardwaj.  Together, we have more than forty years of experience in social justice activism.  We are committed to creating ground-breaking solutions to achieving racial justice.  

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