We bring together a number of modalities in a dynamic way

Race Resilience is a professional collaboration between Raggi Kotak and Anita Bhardwaj.  Together, we have more than forty years of experience in social justice activism.  We are committed to creating ground-breaking solutions to achieving racial justice.

Anita Bhardwaj

For more than twenty years, Anita has worked as a senior manager, trainer, consultant and coach in organisations, with a specialism in developing services to support the issues of race, gender violence and mental health.  This has offered her the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the issues of power and abuse, based on one’s social identity. Anita is particularly specialised in working with  the variety of layers and aspects that are required to heal and recover from such experiences. 

Her training includes Psychology; Life and Executive Coaching; Thai Yoga Massage; Reiki Practitioner; Chi Kung Teacher and as a TRE Provider (Tension/Stress and Trauma Release).  

Anita works in organisations (individuals/teams) and in clinical practice.  She has a keen interest in working with both those that are impacted by racism and other forms of abuse; and professionals to support them to recover and expand their own resilience to stress and vicarious trauma.

Anita Bhardwaj

Raggi Kotak

Raggi identifies as a South Asian queer woman. She is a human rights barrister who has worked with asylum seekers for more than twenty years.  She has predominantly focused on challenging issues of racism, gender violence and mental health through law, social action and policy.  She has a long history of anti-oppression work and has been involved with the set up and running of numerous ground-breaking and award-winning projects.

Raggi is the Director of JEDI Consultancy (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion). She provides training; facilitation; consultation; coaching and mentoring.  She works with individuals, groups and organisations.  

Raggi is also the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Race Talk, an active online discussion forum.  This aims to bring different racial groups together to find pathways through the conditioning and trauma that seeks to keep them apart.  

Raggi’s work is informed by Process Work; Psychology, Trauma Awareness and Movement Medicine, in which she has extensively trained.  

Raggi Kotak